Hello awesome people and welcome to the world of mermaids!
Have you ever wondered how it is to be a mermaid? Well, it is the same as being another person, nobody really knows how it is until you walk in their shoes.
Accept our invitation and step into a new realm where you can experience being a beautiful mermaid, do new awesome and cool activities, enjoy a good time underwater doing mermaid stuff.


The Beginning

Since we were kids we wished to be our favorite cartoon characters. We grew with our dreams unfulfilled going on a path we didn’t choose. The desire to be unique and creative took Susana Sairens on the arts and crafts road.
Some people want to become a great successful person, having his own business, being his own boss, making as much money as they could but all Susana Sairens ever wanted was to swim free, to do something that others just dreamed about.


Susana Sairens always felt a strong connection with the ocean, with the mighty wild waves that cover in mystery a big part of our world so she thought about different ways to get closer to them. She struggled three days to create a design for a practical mermaid tail and after a lot of hard work, she finally created the first mermaid costume in Spain!


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Kids! When you think about this word always comes in your mind all the activities you used to do with your friends, it reminds you about the decorations and costumes you wanted every year for Halloween or Christmas Eve, all the ideas you had but you were never able to finalize them.
We thought that the mermaid inspiration could make children happy, can make them dream about the beautiful mermaids, the funny mermaids who do mermaids stuff, are unique and free! That is how we came with the idea of organizing pool parties with the mermaid theme after all the idea was fresh, exciting and new for everybody in Spain. A lot of people couldn’t afford a mermaid tail and we wanted so badly to show them the feeling of being a mermaid that we thought about the cheapest solution: the mermaid pool parties!

The Journey

Through our desire for success and creativity, we didn’t help only the children to live their fantasies but we did everything we could to help to keep clean the oceans as well. We collaborated on different projects with amazing people because we realized we don’t want to swim in waters full of plastic and polluted by chemicals so as a result our brand called Sairens was born. We surrounded ourselves with people that have the same ideas and desires so their dreams can merge with ours and the Sairens community was built. We try to to advance as much as possible so we moved from Tarifa, Spain to London, UK and who knows where it will be next.
Nowadays we continue to help people, build communities and have fun because what is the point of being a mermaid if you don’t enjoy yourself!